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5 Ways to Promote Body Neutrality

Feeling confident in your own body is one of the most powerful shifts in mental health. Unlearning toxic habits and picking up a few new ones that are body positive and weight neutral will lead to more acceptance.

First, Stop hating on your body

Beating yourself up is only going to further the self-loathing. It's common knowledge that your weight does not define your worth. A person's abilities or features do not make them unworthy of love or affection or comfort.

So take stock, how are you feeling about your body today? Are you happy with it? Confident in it's skills/abilities? Proud to have it? Answering No to these questions means you need to change your "body talk"!

Second, Appreciate what your body can do

Notice allllll the things you do with your body. It's ability to type 50 words per minute, or balance on high heels. Basics like allowing you to communicate without words, or hugging your family. Make it a habit to thank you body for what it's done and what it continues to do.

"Thank you belly for growing my children"

"Thank you neck for holding up my head"

"Thanks wild and crazy hair for keeping my head warm"

Third, Highlight your strengths

Notice what you like about yourself or what others like about you. Do you have the best smile? Dramatic eyelashes? Dimples? Curly hair? Graceful stance? Innate rhythm? Strong arms? Glowing skin? Take a moment to really love the parts of you that make you wonderful!

Fourth, Talk back to the Inner Critic

I have an entire other post on this, so I won't get too in depth here. Become aware of your thoughts. Notice if you are judging yourself. Create more realistic and accurate statements and say them out loud. Consider what you would say to a friend with the same thought. What would you want your friend to hear? Or your partner or your children? Being kind to self is just as important as kindness to others.

And Fifth, Curate your social media feeds

Please please please, if you do any of these, let it be this one. Unfollow, unfriend, and delete groups or people who post content that is furthering your negative thinking. This might mean unfollowing fitness gurus who make you feel bad about not having 6 pack abs, or unfriending someone who constantly posts bikini selfies. The next step is way more fun... join, follow, and friend people and groups who make you feel good. Period. Dogs, babies, comedians, inspirational leaders, etc.

Some of the best, most wholesome, content out there are people's pets. I am so deeply invested in the lives of Mooney and Crusoe (dachshunds, they're so cute!) that I cried when one of them had surgery this year. I know what words Bunny the talking dog has learned recently. I have an instagram feed full of places I want to travel to someday. And I've seen every Office Meme available. These things just make me smile and that's why they're fun.

Maybe you don't love pets, babies, or comedians. Follow things that make you happy. Take time on your happiness. It is so worth it.

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