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I’m committed to creating a personalized program that empowers you to live a better and healthier life. Together, we’ll identify the nature of the problems that you’re dealing with and find the solution best suited to your requirements. Scroll below to book a session today!


Pregnancy & Postpartum

This time of transition can feel overwhelming and confusing.  Whether you've had a miscarriage, are TTC or dealing with infertility, or just don't feel like yourself, please reach out and we will start you on the path towards feeling better, like Yourself again.

Girl and Cat

Teens & Young Adult

Getting your teen help now can often prevent more or worsened problems in the future.  I work with teens in High School+ to manage mental and emotional difficulties including depression, anxiety, OCD, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and ADHD.

Love Yourself

Trauma Therapy

Dealing with your trauma/s in the present prepares you for a better tomorrow.  I am trained in several approaches treating trauma, including Brainspotting.
Additionally, I can work with many types of trauma including Military-Connected, sexual abuse, neglect, family of origin, and religious trauma.

Online Meeting

Virtual or Online Counseling

Many people find it easier to attend virtual appointments.  So if you are at work, in the car, or have a baby sleeping in the next room, but have 50 minutes to spare then this might be a good option for you!
I am licensed in Indiana and can serve anyone living in the state.  Appointments will be scheduled on eastern time (EST).

Child and Therapist


In this culture, finding support is difficult in the stage of family building.  Research shows us that parents with more support, are more resilient and able to remain flexible under stress.  You'd do anything for your family.  Give them the gift of a Well-Minded parent.

Therapy Session


Everyone is welcome here.  I strive to provide a warm and accepting environment for all persons regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliations, or citizenship status.

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